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Current beauty trends to make your own

Current beauty trends to make your own

If you know much about well&belle, you know that our main aim as a business in the beauty industry is to help you be more yourself

So yes, I love to tell you about trends and include pretty pictures to show you what they look like, but if they don't resonate with you, make your own trends and always feel free to take trends and adopt/adapt them in your own way! 

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Glam your makeup the easy way

Glam your makeup the easy way

Even the most natural among us wants a more glamorous look once in a while. 

Taking your everyday makeup to the next level doesn't have to be complicated, and this article will tell you how to do it in 5 easy steps, with products you probably already have. 

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Rainbow of fruits and vegetables for blog post on skin and nutrition

Guest Article: Nutrition for Amazing Skin

This guest article was written by the lovely Danielle Williams, a registered nutritionist, and founder of Danielle Williams Nutrition. 

In this article, Danielle gives us the top 4 nutrients for great skin, as well as 13 amazing tips for adding more of these nutrients to your diet. Read on for more! 

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2020 Green Beauty Gift Guide

2020 Green Beauty Gift Guide

Sometimes it can be so challenging to find fabulous gifts for friends and family, but we are here for you!

Read on for our most recommended gifts that are sure to impress!

Beauty Bundles

Totally new to well&belle, consider these bundles as specially-selected gifts for the green beauty lover in your life. Choose from The Eyes Have It for playing up her (or your) eyes, or the Ultimate Self-Care Bundle which is contains everything needed for an at-home spa day. 

The bonus? By bundling these beautiful items, you save 15%! (Don't worry, your secret is safe with us!)

Facial Rollers 

We put these facial rollers on our gift guide pretty much every year, and there's a reason for that!

With three types of stones to choose from, they are the perfect gift for any beauty lover, and they come in an elegant box ready for wrapping. Facial rollers are a massaging tool for the face, which can relax tense muscles and fine lines. 

Beautiful, effective and easy, what more can you ask for?

Lash & Brow Serum

Who doesn't want longer, thicker lashes? Probably no one! 

These lash & brow serums help lashes and brows reach their full potential without any harmful ingredients. Our customers adore these serums! 

Add a lash curler and one of our high-performing clean mascaras for lashes that are va-va-voom! 

Aether Beauty Eye Palettes

Here's another item we love to recommend and give as a gift.

Every clean beauty lover will fall for these eye palettes by Aether Beauty.

Not only are they zero waste (first in the industry!), the shades are stunningly silky and gorgeous, and oh-so-smooth. Plus, the color payoff is ah-mazing!

Oh, and did we mention that this is the first eye shadow actually infused with crystals?

All of that and the beautiful (recyclable!) packaging make this a gift that will make you the gift-giving hero you deserve to be! 

The most exquisite skincare by Agent Nateur

Agent Nateur means exquisite (not really, but work with us here...).

This skincare and deodorant line is made of the most high-quality ingredients from France, and crafted in the U.S. Agent Nateur includes some of the most effective (and yes, exquisite) skincare on the market today. 

This most "Holi" of brands includes the Holi(water), which is a toner that doubles as a serum, Holi(c), which is a potent mix of exceptional vitamins that you mix with water or with your other skincare products, and not to mention Holi(oil), the facial oil to end all facial oils that is also available as a body oil.

These powerful ingredients help to reduce fine lines, and a whole host of other skin issues. 

Pretty much anyone would be very, very fortunate to receive Agent Nateur skincare products as a gift! 

And you just might want to order an extra one or two for yourself...

Lux Body Oils

What makes a body oil a perfect gift? It's something beautiful, luxurious, useful, and not something that people always think to buy for themselves. We have put together a collection of some really wonderful body oils that would just about anyone would be pleased to receive as a gift! 

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for some smaller items to give as stocking stuffers? We've got you covered with some fantastic ideas!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

If your holiday tradition includes giving a toothbrush in each stocking, you're not alone. 

These need little explanation, other than they are excellent quality, low waste, comfortable to use, and come in a variety of bright colors. 

The Best Hand Cream Ever

Even if they don't know it yet, everyone would love to receive this Pure Anada hand cream as a gift!

It's non-greasy, thick and so very moisturizing. A new favorite just waiting to be put in someone's stocking (or as a gift!). 

Lux Lip Conditioner

This extra large lip balm from Vapour Beauty is another perfect stocking stuffer: it's got a gorgeous metallic exterior, and on a more practical note, what's inside is a super moisturizing, smooth conditioning lip balm for those dry winter lips. 

Clean Mascara

Pick any one of our clean mascaras to give as a gift; you can't go wrong! Although they have slightly different properties, they are all fab. What can we say, we're fans of all of them!

9-free Nail Polish

This nail polish is bound to increase the wearer's cool-girl factor! 

Free of the 9 most toxic ingredients found in typical nail polish, these little lovelies are sure to please the most fashion-forward person on your list!

All-Natural Perfume

Inkling Scents perfumes lets you have the best of both worlds: perfume that rivals any designer scent, made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients. Plus, the little roll-on bottles are absolutely adorable! 

100% Pure Jade Gua Sha

This little jade tool can have a major impact! A facial tool to relax the face and smooth fine lines, the gua sha is a must-have for the at-home spa enthusiast!

As always, if you have any questions about these or any other products we carry, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask away! 



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6 Tips for Great Summer Skin

6 Tips for Great Summer Skin

A natural part of hot summer days is getting sweaty! If you're using a natural deodorant (and if you're not, you really should be!), you may need a little boost in the summer for keeping your deodorant working its best. 
Summer is a great time to boost your deodorant with an underarm bar. Using a specially formulated underarm bar removes the bacteria that causes you to be smelly. We suggest kaia naturals underarm bar, or try the Power Couple  that comes with the underarm bar and a travel size deodorant.
Wearing your favorite sneakers all day without socks? The underarm bar works great on feet too! 

4. Go incognito. 

5. Don't forget the sunscreen.

By now you likely know the importance of sunscreen, especially non-nano sunscreens that aren't harmful to sea life. While a bit of direct sunlight can be beneficial (hello vitamin D!), any more than 10 or 15 minutes and depending on your skin tone could be putting your at risk of sunburn and more serious damage to your skin. 


With a few precautions, your skin can stay healthy and beautiful all summer long. 

Now, who's ready for some summertime fun?!

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Spotlight On: Vapour Beauty

Spotlight On: Vapour Beauty

Welcome to our Spotlight On... series where we feature particular brands or types of products! 

We were very excited to recently add Vapour Beauty to our lineup of carefully selected independent brands, and we thought it would be fitting to shed some light on their philosophy and how they came to be.

Brand Values

Not only do we love our Vapour Beauty products, we also love the company and what it stands for. We think that you will too. If, like well&belle, you value cosmetics that nourish the skin, support wellness and are created with the purest, most natural ingredients, then read on to find out more about Vapour Beauty.

Vapour’s beautiful cosmetics are 100% green and clean, and their values are something we stand firmly behind:

“We are deeply committed to ingredient purity, product performance, transparency, health, sustainability and enhancing beauty across the spectrums of age, race and gender.”

All that Vapour Beauty stands for is completely aligned with what we believe in at well&belle, and that’s why we were absolutely thrilled to bring them on board!

About the Founders

Vapour Beauty was founded by natural beauty pioneers Krysia Boinis and Kristine Kehely. For over ten years, they formulated natural and organic skincare for other brands. Then they decided that there was a need for high-quality natural and organic cosmetics, too. 

They founded Vapour to make high-performance cosmetics with the purest and most natural ingredients. Their standards also show an important commitment to sustainable, effective and luxurious beauty products.


As leaders in natural and organic cosmetics, Kristine and Krysia have combined the art of beauty with what they call the “alchemy of revolution” to produce outstanding and innovative products that are top-of-the-line. 

They were inspired by the light and elemental energy of Taos, New Mexico, where the brand was founded and where its headquarters remain today. The beauty of Taos’s high desert valley, combining strength and wild beauty, has greatly influenced the brand.

“For generations, lured by the magical light of Taos, visionary artists have been attracted to this high desert valley. Vapour products capture this inspiration, bringing softly illuminating color onto the planes and contours of the face.” 

Their newly redesigned packaging was also inspired by the natural environment of Taos, with the beautiful greens, blues and golden tones being representative of the New Mexico landscape. 

Feeling good is as much a part of beauty as looking good, and with Vapour Beauty, you never have to compromise texture, comfort, long wear and color payoff. Vapour products are absolutely sublime with the most stunning shades and luxurious textures. 

And let’s not forget the packaging: from the moment you pick up a product from the line, the soft-touch exterior and the snap of the magnetic closures let you know that what’s inside is pure luxury.  


Vapour is committed to sustainability, and to evolving to become more sustainable in their manufacturing and in making it possible for you to recycle your products. Currently, their manufacturing facilities and headquarters are powered by 50% solar power, and their aim is to increase to 100% daytime solar by 2022. 

At Vapour, they also aim to use as little water as possible, and 97% of their products are formulated without water. All of their lip and cheek products are made completely without any water. This is a bonus for the environment, and for you, because without water, the products are more long-lasting and moisturizing for you. 

Recycling is an important part of the Vapour philosophy as well, and they recycle or reuse as many materials as possible in their manufacturing process. Your Vapour empties are recyclable through your local recycling program, or you can send them back to us at well&belle HQ and we’ll make sure to recycle them for you. 

Ethics and Giving Back

This admirable company is also cruelty free, meaning they never test their products on animals. At least 70% of their ingredients are organic, and they are all gluten free. 

Just like us at well&belle, Vapour Beauty is committed to giving back to causes they care about. Vapour donates their beautiful products to women undergoing cancer treatments to try and bring a little light, joy and dignity to these women during a difficult time.

Let Yourself Fall in Love with Vapour Beauty

From high pigmented lipstick shades in a wide array of beautiful colors to silky smooth velvety foundations, you are sure to find products you will fall in love with!

Knowing how clean their ingredients are and their beautiful philosophy and values on top of that, it makes it hard not to!

Shop Vapour Beauty Now

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Why You Should Make The Switch To A Natural Deodorant

Why You Should Make The Switch To A Natural Deodorant

Have you ever been walking down the street on an especially hot day, only to notice a cool breeze coming from underneath your arms?

Or maybe you were at work about to give an important presentation, when you realized a growing stain in the same spot.

Sweat seems to creep up in the most inconvenient of times, but it’s no big deal to you. Like most people, you have your solution in your purse; your deodorant.

It instantly blocks the smell, and prevents stains, but have you ever given a second thought to what’s actually stopping your sweat?

Unfortunately, the downside to conventional deodorants is that they contain synthetic ingredients that have even been linked to certain types of cancer, and in this article we’ll shed some light on one of the worst toxins putting your health at risk… aluminum.

We’ll also give you an excellent alternative that won’t cause issues with your health, so you can roll on in the good way!

Aluminum In Deodorant: Is It Harmful?

Over the years there have been many debates over the effect of aluminum in deodorants, but the sad truth is, this heavy metal is present in too many antiperspirants.

It is the ingredient in your deodorant that blocks the sweat ducts completely, preventing sweating from occurring at all. While this may seem great, it’s actually terrible for your body and interferes with its natural processes.

As humans we need to sweat.

Sweating helps the body to naturally eliminate toxins that shouldn’t be there, and by using antiperspirants with aluminum, you’ll be blocking your sweat ducts and effectively trapping these toxins inside where they have no choice but to float around your body.

This can wreak all sorts of havoc on your insides, such as interfering with your estrogen levels and brain activity.

While aluminum may be the worst of them all, don’t be fooled by conventional brands selling deodorants “free from aluminum.”

There are other nasty synthetics in conventional deodorants including propylene glycol, which can affect the heart, liver and central nervous system, as well as aggravate sensitive skin. Always read the label and choose only natural brands.

Is Using Aluminum Deodorants Worth The Risk?

When it comes to aluminum based deodorants, the link between breast cancer is often a topic of discussion when weighing the risks.

According to Cancer.gov, no scientific studies have concluded that aluminum specifically causes the development of breast cancer, nor subverse effects. Scientists have however concluded that because of the closeness of the tissue to the underarm area where aluminum is applied, there is a possible connection.

The risk is simply not worth it to us.

What Are Healthier Alternatives To Deodorants With Aluminum?

If making the switch to a natural alternative is something you’re interested in, then we’d like to share a healthier option with you, which can be found in our shop. Agent Nateur is a brand we highly recommend. Their deodorants are made with completely natural ingredients that aren’t harmful, won’t cause clogging, and are safe for those with sensitive skin. The best part? They work!

All you have to do now, is choose your preferred scent!


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