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6 Tips for Great Summer Skin

6 Tips for Great Summer Skin

A natural part of hot summer days is getting sweaty! If you're using a natural deodorant (and if you're not, you really should be!), you may need a little boost in the summer for keeping your deodorant working its best. 
Summer is a great time to boost your deodorant with an underarm bar. Using a specially formulated underarm bar removes the bacteria that causes you to be smelly. We suggest kaia naturals underarm bar, or try the Power Couple  that comes with the underarm bar and a travel size deodorant.
Wearing your favorite sneakers all day without socks? The underarm bar works great on feet too! 

4. Go incognito. 

5. Don't forget the sunscreen.

By now you likely know the importance of sunscreen, especially non-nano sunscreens that aren't harmful to sea life. While a bit of direct sunlight can be beneficial (hello vitamin D!), any more than 10 or 15 minutes and depending on your skin tone could be putting your at risk of sunburn and more serious damage to your skin. 


With a few precautions, your skin can stay healthy and beautiful all summer long. 

Now, who's ready for some summertime fun?!

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