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Why You Should Make The Switch To A Natural Deodorant

Why You Should Make The Switch To A Natural Deodorant

Have you ever been walking down the street on an especially hot day, only to notice a cool breeze coming from underneath your arms?

Or maybe you were at work about to give an important presentation, when you realized a growing stain in the same spot.

Sweat seems to creep up in the most inconvenient of times, but it’s no big deal to you. Like most people, you have your solution in your purse; your deodorant.

It instantly blocks the smell, and prevents stains, but have you ever given a second thought to what’s actually stopping your sweat?

Unfortunately, the downside to conventional deodorants is that they contain synthetic ingredients that have even been linked to certain types of cancer, and in this article we’ll shed some light on one of the worst toxins putting your health at risk… aluminum.

We’ll also give you an excellent alternative that won’t cause issues with your health, so you can roll on in the good way!

Aluminum In Deodorant: Is It Harmful?

Over the years there have been many debates over the effect of aluminum in deodorants, but the sad truth is, this heavy metal is present in too many antiperspirants.

It is the ingredient in your deodorant that blocks the sweat ducts completely, preventing sweating from occurring at all. While this may seem great, it’s actually terrible for your body and interferes with its natural processes.

As humans we need to sweat.

Sweating helps the body to naturally eliminate toxins that shouldn’t be there, and by using antiperspirants with aluminum, you’ll be blocking your sweat ducts and effectively trapping these toxins inside where they have no choice but to float around your body.

This can wreak all sorts of havoc on your insides, such as interfering with your estrogen levels and brain activity.

While aluminum may be the worst of them all, don’t be fooled by conventional brands selling deodorants “free from aluminum.”

There are other nasty synthetics in conventional deodorants including propylene glycol, which can affect the heart, liver and central nervous system, as well as aggravate sensitive skin. Always read the label and choose only natural brands.

Is Using Aluminum Deodorants Worth The Risk?

When it comes to aluminum based deodorants, the link between breast cancer is often a topic of discussion when weighing the risks.

According to Cancer.gov, no scientific studies have concluded that aluminum specifically causes the development of breast cancer, nor subverse effects. Scientists have however concluded that because of the closeness of the tissue to the underarm area where aluminum is applied, there is a possible connection.

The risk is simply not worth it to us.

What Are Healthier Alternatives To Deodorants With Aluminum?

If making the switch to a natural alternative is something you’re interested in, then we’d like to share a healthier option with you, which can be found in our shop. Agent Nateur is a brand we highly recommend. Their deodorants are made with completely natural ingredients that aren’t harmful, won’t cause clogging, and are safe for those with sensitive skin. The best part? They work!

All you have to do now, is choose your preferred scent!


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