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2020 Green Beauty Gift Guide

2020 Green Beauty Gift Guide

Sometimes it can be so challenging to find fabulous gifts for friends and family, but we are here for you!

Read on for our most recommended gifts that are sure to impress!

Beauty Bundles

Totally new to well&belle, consider these bundles as specially-selected gifts for the green beauty lover in your life. Choose from The Eyes Have It for playing up her (or your) eyes, or the Ultimate Self-Care Bundle which is contains everything needed for an at-home spa day. 

The bonus? By bundling these beautiful items, you save 15%! (Don't worry, your secret is safe with us!)

Facial Rollers 

We put these facial rollers on our gift guide pretty much every year, and there's a reason for that!

With three types of stones to choose from, they are the perfect gift for any beauty lover, and they come in an elegant box ready for wrapping. Facial rollers are a massaging tool for the face, which can relax tense muscles and fine lines. 

Beautiful, effective and easy, what more can you ask for?

Lash & Brow Serum

Who doesn't want longer, thicker lashes? Probably no one! 

These lash & brow serums help lashes and brows reach their full potential without any harmful ingredients. Our customers adore these serums! 

Add a lash curler and one of our high-performing clean mascaras for lashes that are va-va-voom! 

Aether Beauty Eye Palettes

Here's another item we love to recommend and give as a gift.

Every clean beauty lover will fall for these eye palettes by Aether Beauty.

Not only are they zero waste (first in the industry!), the shades are stunningly silky and gorgeous, and oh-so-smooth. Plus, the color payoff is ah-mazing!

Oh, and did we mention that this is the first eye shadow actually infused with crystals?

All of that and the beautiful (recyclable!) packaging make this a gift that will make you the gift-giving hero you deserve to be! 

The most exquisite skincare by Agent Nateur

Agent Nateur means exquisite (not really, but work with us here...).

This skincare and deodorant line is made of the most high-quality ingredients from France, and crafted in the U.S. Agent Nateur includes some of the most effective (and yes, exquisite) skincare on the market today. 

This most "Holi" of brands includes the Holi(water), which is a toner that doubles as a serum, Holi(c), which is a potent mix of exceptional vitamins that you mix with water or with your other skincare products, and not to mention Holi(oil), the facial oil to end all facial oils that is also available as a body oil.

These powerful ingredients help to reduce fine lines, and a whole host of other skin issues. 

Pretty much anyone would be very, very fortunate to receive Agent Nateur skincare products as a gift! 

And you just might want to order an extra one or two for yourself...

Lux Body Oils

What makes a body oil a perfect gift? It's something beautiful, luxurious, useful, and not something that people always think to buy for themselves. We have put together a collection of some really wonderful body oils that would just about anyone would be pleased to receive as a gift! 

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for some smaller items to give as stocking stuffers? We've got you covered with some fantastic ideas!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

If your holiday tradition includes giving a toothbrush in each stocking, you're not alone. 

These need little explanation, other than they are excellent quality, low waste, comfortable to use, and come in a variety of bright colors. 

The Best Hand Cream Ever

Even if they don't know it yet, everyone would love to receive this Pure Anada hand cream as a gift!

It's non-greasy, thick and so very moisturizing. A new favorite just waiting to be put in someone's stocking (or as a gift!). 

Lux Lip Conditioner

This extra large lip balm from Vapour Beauty is another perfect stocking stuffer: it's got a gorgeous metallic exterior, and on a more practical note, what's inside is a super moisturizing, smooth conditioning lip balm for those dry winter lips. 

Clean Mascara

Pick any one of our clean mascaras to give as a gift; you can't go wrong! Although they have slightly different properties, they are all fab. What can we say, we're fans of all of them!

9-free Nail Polish

This nail polish is bound to increase the wearer's cool-girl factor! 

Free of the 9 most toxic ingredients found in typical nail polish, these little lovelies are sure to please the most fashion-forward person on your list!

All-Natural Perfume

Inkling Scents perfumes lets you have the best of both worlds: perfume that rivals any designer scent, made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients. Plus, the little roll-on bottles are absolutely adorable! 

100% Pure Jade Gua Sha

This little jade tool can have a major impact! A facial tool to relax the face and smooth fine lines, the gua sha is a must-have for the at-home spa enthusiast!

As always, if you have any questions about these or any other products we carry, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask away! 



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