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Green Beauty for St.Patrick's Day and beyond

Green Beauty for St.Patrick's Day and beyond

If you're here, you're probably a green beauty convert, or at the very least green beauty curious. The fact is that most of us get interested in green beauty due to caring about things like our own or our family's health, the environment, and ethics. But what's the hype about green beauty? Read on to find out!
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Current beauty trends to make your own

Current beauty trends to make your own

If you know much about well&belle, you know that our main aim as a business in the beauty industry is to help you be more yourself

So yes, I love to tell you about trends and include pretty pictures to show you what they look like, but if they don't resonate with you, make your own trends and always feel free to take trends and adopt/adapt them in your own way! 

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6 Tips for Great Summer Skin

6 Tips for Great Summer Skin

A natural part of hot summer days is getting sweaty! If you're using a natural deodorant (and if you're not, you really should be!), you may need a little boost in the summer for keeping your deodorant working its best. 
Summer is a great time to boost your deodorant with an underarm bar. Using a specially formulated underarm bar removes the bacteria that causes you to be smelly. We suggest kaia naturals underarm bar, or try the Power Couple  that comes with the underarm bar and a travel size deodorant.
Wearing your favorite sneakers all day without socks? The underarm bar works great on feet too! 

4. Go incognito. 

5. Don't forget the sunscreen.

By now you likely know the importance of sunscreen, especially non-nano sunscreens that aren't harmful to sea life. While a bit of direct sunlight can be beneficial (hello vitamin D!), any more than 10 or 15 minutes and depending on your skin tone could be putting your at risk of sunburn and more serious damage to your skin. 


With a few precautions, your skin can stay healthy and beautiful all summer long. 

Now, who's ready for some summertime fun?!

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Spotlight On: Vapour Beauty

Spotlight On: Vapour Beauty

Welcome to our Spotlight On... series where we feature particular brands or types of products! 

We were very excited to recently add Vapour Beauty to our lineup of carefully selected independent brands, and we thought it would be fitting to shed some light on their philosophy and how they came to be.

Brand Values

Not only do we love our Vapour Beauty products, we also love the company and what it stands for. We think that you will too. If, like well&belle, you value cosmetics that nourish the skin, support wellness and are created with the purest, most natural ingredients, then read on to find out more about Vapour Beauty.

Vapour’s beautiful cosmetics are 100% green and clean, and their values are something we stand firmly behind:

“We are deeply committed to ingredient purity, product performance, transparency, health, sustainability and enhancing beauty across the spectrums of age, race and gender.”

All that Vapour Beauty stands for is completely aligned with what we believe in at well&belle, and that’s why we were absolutely thrilled to bring them on board!

About the Founders

Vapour Beauty was founded by natural beauty pioneers Krysia Boinis and Kristine Kehely. For over ten years, they formulated natural and organic skincare for other brands. Then they decided that there was a need for high-quality natural and organic cosmetics, too. 

They founded Vapour to make high-performance cosmetics with the purest and most natural ingredients. Their standards also show an important commitment to sustainable, effective and luxurious beauty products.


As leaders in natural and organic cosmetics, Kristine and Krysia have combined the art of beauty with what they call the “alchemy of revolution” to produce outstanding and innovative products that are top-of-the-line. 

They were inspired by the light and elemental energy of Taos, New Mexico, where the brand was founded and where its headquarters remain today. The beauty of Taos’s high desert valley, combining strength and wild beauty, has greatly influenced the brand.

“For generations, lured by the magical light of Taos, visionary artists have been attracted to this high desert valley. Vapour products capture this inspiration, bringing softly illuminating color onto the planes and contours of the face.” 

Their newly redesigned packaging was also inspired by the natural environment of Taos, with the beautiful greens, blues and golden tones being representative of the New Mexico landscape. 

Feeling good is as much a part of beauty as looking good, and with Vapour Beauty, you never have to compromise texture, comfort, long wear and color payoff. Vapour products are absolutely sublime with the most stunning shades and luxurious textures. 

And let’s not forget the packaging: from the moment you pick up a product from the line, the soft-touch exterior and the snap of the magnetic closures let you know that what’s inside is pure luxury.  


Vapour is committed to sustainability, and to evolving to become more sustainable in their manufacturing and in making it possible for you to recycle your products. Currently, their manufacturing facilities and headquarters are powered by 50% solar power, and their aim is to increase to 100% daytime solar by 2022. 

At Vapour, they also aim to use as little water as possible, and 97% of their products are formulated without water. All of their lip and cheek products are made completely without any water. This is a bonus for the environment, and for you, because without water, the products are more long-lasting and moisturizing for you. 

Recycling is an important part of the Vapour philosophy as well, and they recycle or reuse as many materials as possible in their manufacturing process. Your Vapour empties are recyclable through your local recycling program, or you can send them back to us at well&belle HQ and we’ll make sure to recycle them for you. 

Ethics and Giving Back

This admirable company is also cruelty free, meaning they never test their products on animals. At least 70% of their ingredients are organic, and they are all gluten free. 

Just like us at well&belle, Vapour Beauty is committed to giving back to causes they care about. Vapour donates their beautiful products to women undergoing cancer treatments to try and bring a little light, joy and dignity to these women during a difficult time.

Let Yourself Fall in Love with Vapour Beauty

From high pigmented lipstick shades in a wide array of beautiful colors to silky smooth velvety foundations, you are sure to find products you will fall in love with!

Knowing how clean their ingredients are and their beautiful philosophy and values on top of that, it makes it hard not to!

Shop Vapour Beauty Now

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Clean Beauty Products

Top 3 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Clean Beauty Products

In this article, we’ll talk about three of the top reasons you should consider making the switch to all-natural, clean and green beauty products.
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