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Gift Guide: Heart-stirring gifts under $100

Gift Guide: Heart-stirring gifts under $100

Here it is, our inspiring gift list for when you want to impress with luxury beauty that really lives up to its promises. Behold the luxury beauty gifts that will please the most discerning recipient. 

It should be no surprise to anyone that Athr Beauty would top our list. Because it's a company that turned the beauty industry on its ear with its extraordinary quality and commitment to sustainability. Their eyeshadow palettes might the most coveted beauty gift since their launch only 4 years ago.

You can't go wrong with any of their palettes, but this year, we're highlighting the Desert Sunset palette. It's a collection of 10-shades and includes several blendable, smooth warm shades. (Oh, and the brightest pink shade works beautifully as blush!). At $59.99, the value is outstanding! 

Image of Athr Beauty Desert Sunset eyeshadow palette on a marble background with gold lines on well&belle

Image of green button with text: Shop Desert Sunset Palette. On well&belle


Beauty's in the bag

Gorgeous products deserve to be carried in a beautiful artist-made velvet bag that doubles as a clutch and is washable. Made with sustainable materials, including an upcycled leather zipper pull, these bags are as practical as they are stunning. $59.99.

Image of large green velvet cosmetic bag on wood counter with white brick background. On well&belle


Link to shop Erin Flett velvet makeup bag

EveryBODY's best oil

Luxurious body oil makes a sublime gift! This one is especially fab because of its moisturizing properties and divine scent. Patchouli and lavender are an unexpected but beautiful combo that take the oil blend to another level. This is a very special gift at $56. 

Image of woman holding Herb Market Botanicals' Lavender Patchouli Luxury Body oil on well&belle 

Green button with link to shop lux body oil by Herb Market Botanicals on well&belle 

I spy the very best eye cream

There are a lot of great eye creams out there, but this one is up there with the best of the best. Why? Because this opulent eye cream does it all! It soothes, brightens, moisturizes AND refreshes the tender skin beneath the eyes! Between containing the most exquisite ingredients and the fact that very little is needed to make a difference, this eye cream is well worth its $88.99 price tag. 


Image of Dr. Alkaitis eye cream on top of leaves on marble surface, on well&belle


 Link to shop Dr. Alkaitis eye cream on well&belle

An eye for better lashes

They certainly won't lash out when they get this fabulous lash & brow serum as a gift! Plume's Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum is a luxurious, all-natural serum that helps lashes and brows grow to their full potential. At $94.99, this serum is far less than regular lash extensions and the thousands of fans 

Image of woman holding Plume Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum near her long eyelashes on well&belle

Link to shop lash & brow serum


Great skin right from the mini bar 

Here's a mini bar everyone will love! Give the gift of Consonant Skincare's 3 supremely effective vitamin serums for skin. This is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves skincare and comes in a reusable clear bag AND it includes a bonus set of reusable eye masks to use with any (or all) of the three serums. Supreme value for $69.99!

Image of hand holding 3 Consonant Beauty vitamin serums, called the serum "mini bar"

Green button with text: Shop Lash & Brow serum


Primed and ready for anything

You might think that primer is an unusual gift suggestion, but not this one by Vapour Beauty!. This primer is moisturizing, blurs imperfections, and gives you a healthy-looking, dewy glow. It can be used with or without makeup and gives the smoothest, most delightful non-greasy feel to the skin. It really is sublime and one bottle can last for several months, because a little goes a long way! $62.99

Image of Gentle Illuminating Primer and Essential Daily Primer on a surface with green leaves. On well&belle

Green button with text: Shop Illuminating Primer


Extremely amazing HydrExtreme

Anyone who has very dry skin knows how frustrating it can be to look in the mirror and see flaky skin you thought was fine a few hours before. This extraordinary serum can help. Made with the most concentrated hydrating ingredients, just a drop or two can take dry skin from drab to fab in no time. $71.99 for 10ml bottle.

Image of open bottle of Consonant's HydrExtreme on white surface with leaves in background. On well&belle

Green button with text: Shop HydrExtreme

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