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Gift Guide: Tremendous gifts under $25

Gift Guide: Tremendous gifts under $25

Sometimes you need an affordable gift to help you stay on budget, a smaller gift as an add-on, for a teacher, or just as a thank you for someone special. Use this gift guide for our very best suggestions for beauty items that are light on cost but  come with big awesomeness. 

Coolest nail polish without the salon price

Spela's nail polish comes in the best modern neutral shades ever, and it's free of the 9 worst toxins typically found in nail polish. At an affordable $24, look for gorgeous greys, pretty pink, beautiful blue and more.

Make it a full at-home spa gift by adding Pure Anada's base coat, top coat for a manicure that lasts and the BEST nail polish remover ever made (seriously!). 

image of several Spela nail polish bottles randomly placed on a grey and white flat surface on well&belle

Green button with text: Shop Nail Polish

The hand cream everyone loves

Who'd ever thought a hand cream would get people talking? It's not surprising though, 'cause when you try THE best hand cream, you want to tell people about it! Available in a wide range of delicious natural scents and only $10! 

Image of 4 Pure Anada shea hand creams on counter with rolled white towels in background on well&belle 

Green button with text: Shop Shea Hand Cream

The eye serum that does it all 

This eye serum by Living Libations soothes, smooths, moisturizes, cools and freshens the gentle area under the eyes. At $19.99 for an eye serum that does as much as this one does, it would be pretty hard to find better value. 

 Image of 3 bottles of Living Libations' Open Sky Eye Serum on well&belle

Green button with text: Shop Open Sky Serum

Compostable wipes for travel, gym, home

For anyone on the go, these zero waste wipes are nourishing, hydrating, non-drying and so convenient. Vitamin Cleanse Cloths from Kaia Naturals gently remove dirt, oil and makeup even for sensitive skin. Starting at $9

Image of Kaia Naturals Vitamin Cleanse Cloths on well&belle

Green button with text: Shop Vitamin Cleanse

Perfect pressed eyeshadow

Pure Anada's pressed eyeshadow singles are a favourite of anyone who likes a bit of colour, fast. Small recyclable compacts that travel supremely well and last all day - and they're only $10!

Image of Pure Anada pressed eyeshadow compact in shade Nectar with purple flowers on well&belle

Green button with text: Shop Pressed Shadow

Organic lip balm to quench dry lips

This minty marvel of a lip balm is deeply moisturizing and soothing to the lips. It's so good, that some have been known to buy multiples to leave in the car, the office, the kitchen, the living room... Made without any water, this is one tube of lip balm that'll last and last. At $19.99, it's well worth the price. 

Image of opened Taos Aer Organic lip balm on well&belle

Green button with text: Shop Taos Aer Lip Balm

What? Eye masks you can use again and again and again?!

What an amazing idea the folks at Consonant had! These are reusable silicone eye masks to use with any moisturizer, serum or eye cream to help the product more fully absorb and treat the sensitive area under the eyes. They come in a protective storage bag, perfect as a gift (believe us, you're also going to want these for yourself!). At only $19.99, no wonder everyone's been asking "where have these been all my life?!". 

Image of woman wearing Consonant's black reusable silicone eye masks on well&belle
Green button with text: Shop Reusable Eye Masks
The mascara everyone falls in love with
This mascara is a cult favourite. People who try it and love a lengthening mascara that's buildable, doesn't clump, stays on all day. It's even suitable for people with sensitive eyes. At only $15.99, it's sure to be a big hit! 
Green button with text: Shop Pure Anada Mascara

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