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Vitamin Serum Mini-Bar



This is a mini bar with no hangover, just great skin!

If you were wondering which of Consonant's fabulous vitamin serums to get, or you want to have the flexibility to customize your serum based on your skin's needs, here's your chance to try all three mini serums and give your skin a "shot" of what it needs each day. Plus, it comes with a pair of reusable silicone eye masks in a reusable jelly bag perfect for travel, snacks and storing your skincare. 

By buying this kit, you save over $20 compared to buying the items individually!

Each of the serums is made with the most bioavailable forms of their respective active ingredients (in other words, they're made with high quality ingredients and are very absorbable). 

For a full description and ingredient list, please see each individual item:

Vitamin B3 + Zinc for clarity

Vitamin E + Oat Oil for renewal

Vitamin C + Licorice for brightening

Reusable silicone eye masks