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Don't let cold weather get the best of your skin: Top 5 tips for keeping your skin hydrated and happy all winter long

Don't let cold weather get the best of your skin: Top 5 tips for keeping your skin hydrated and happy all winter long

Do you have trouble keeping your skin from getting dry and flaky when the weather's cold? Well we can't control the weather, but you certainly can have an influence on your skin's hydration. By adjusting some of your routines and habits and using the right products, you just might be able to find the way to keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all winter long. 

Keep reading for our top tips for happy hydrated winter skin.

1. KISS (Keep it super simple)

If the skin on your face seems to be especially sensitive or irritated due to the dry winter air, you may want to consider simplifying your skin care routine just for a little while. By minimizing the number of products you use, you can get a better idea of what's working and what your skin might need. 

Keep in mind that your skin’s moisture barrier needs to be healthy in order to respond well to serums, toners, and the rest of the beauty magical queendom.

When you're having trouble finding balance, try keeping your skin care routine simple. Consider using just oil cleansing and a sunscreen for day, and oil cleansing and moisturizer at night. 

We love (or rather, we're obsessed with) Living Libations' cleansing oils. Pick the one closest to your typical skin condition and you're golden. No, really. You may never want to let it go. 

Once you feel confident that your skin’s moisture barrier is healthy, you can slowly incorporate other treatments and ingredients back into your routine.

2. Don't wait to moisturize

Any time you wash your skin, you're inevitably removing some of your skin's natural oils along with the day's dirt, especially if you're using warm water. Since these oils help to keep your skin moisturized, the best way to keep your skin from getting dry is to replace those oils. That’s why it’s important to use a moisturizer any time you wash your skin, especially in winter. Using an oil or cream cleanser is a great start, and your moisturizer will seal the deal. 

Moisturizers that work particularly well for dry winter skin include:

Consonant's Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream or Balancing Face Cream

World Hair & Skin's Protect Hair & Skin Moisturizer (also great as a leave-in conditioner!). 

Image of woman applying face cream on well&belle

3. Air on the side of humidity 

Adding a humidifier to your home can help to add moisture back into the air, which can be especially helpful when indoor heating is running almost non-stop in the winter months. Having more moisture in the air can help act as a natural moisturizing agent which, in turn, may prevent and relieve skin dryness. 

Using a humidifier can also help to add moisture to the air and prevent your skin from drying out. Consider getting a humidifier for your bedroom to help keep the air moisturized while you sleep, and move it to a main area of the house during the day.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a humidifier setting of 60 percent in winter can replenish moisture in the top layer of your skin.

4. Keep it cool (and quick)

A hot shower or bath at the end of a cold winter’s day can feel especially soothing. But, to keep your skin nourished, you may want to keep the water temperature closer to lukewarm.

According to the Baylor College of Medicine, hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils and lead to dry, irritated skin. Dialling down the heat a bit can make a significant difference.

It's important to be mindful of your showering habits (for your skin and for the planet!). Keep your showers short, since longer exposure to water can also dry out your skin. When you’re done showering, be sure to pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it, as this can help to minimize irritation.

3. Sleep on it

Overnight treatments are an excellent way to revitalize or prevent dry skin. While you sleep, your skin has time to absorb the moisture you've applied to it before bed. An evening mask is a great way to relax before bed, and to give your skin time to absorb the moisture. After your mask, apply your moisturizer as usual. 

To keep your skin looking and feeling great, consider a silk or satin pillowcase. The texture will help keep your skin more moisturized longer. At the same time, a silk or satin pillowcase can help prevent lines and acne. 

If you’re applying cream to your hands or feet before bed, consider wearing cotton gloves meant to be worn while you sleep. They'll keep those moisturizing ingredients on your hands and feet, not on your sheets.

Our best hand cream for day or night is Pure Anada's Shea Hand Cream. Everyone loves this cream because it's simply the best! 

For body and feet, Herb Market Botanicals has the most divine body oils and body butter. Either of them make the most amazing nighttime moisturizers! 

Image of woman smiling in her sleep

4. Hydration is an inside job

Another key step to keeping your skin healthy and glowing is to make sure you’re staying well hydrated throughout the day. Not drinking enough water can affect the appearance of your skin and also make it more susceptible to drying out.

In addition to staying well hydrated, you may also want to focus on eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, or by taking a fish oil supplement.

5. Take mom's advice

Did your mom often tell you to bundle up in the winter when you were younger? Well, if you didn't listen then, it's time to listen now!

It's important to protect your skin from the cold and wind when you’re outside. Wear gloves, a scarf, and a hat to cover up as much skin as possible and minimize the exposure to the elements. Gloves are the ultimate physical barrier against environmental agents that can dry out the skin on your hands.

Image of smiling woman wearing winter coat and mittens on well&belle

By following these tips, you can help keep your skin healthy and moisturized during the winter months. Don’t let dry skin get you down this winter – with a little bit of care, you can keep your skin feeling soft, smooth, and comfortable all season long.

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