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Gift Guide: Fabulous gifts under $50

Gift Guide: Fabulous gifts under $50

Fab for less than fifty? Fancy that! Find your fascinating favourites under fifty! 

OK, enough with the alliteration, let's get to this great gift guide! 

Multiple, multiple reasons to love the Aura multi stick

Vapour's Aura multi stick is a tried-and-true fave that any beauty lover would adore as a gift. The shades and creamy texture are exquisite and sublime for any skin type, especially drier skin. At $44.99, this is a luxurious gift that will last way beyond most other gifts you can give.

image of sample 8 multi stick shades by Vapour Beauty on well&belle

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Give the BEST Skin Ever

There's a reason this multi-purpose oil is beloved the world over. It's a cleanser, a moisturizer and an all-around giver of great skin. Who's gonna get the gift of Best Skin Ever? Starting at $29.99, there is a tremendous amount of value in one glass bottle! 

Image of Living Libations' Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever in small and medium size with leaves on well&belle

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Great hair, in the bag

Here's a gift for anyone who would love great hair or skin (isn't that everyone?). WORLD Hair and Skin makes multi-purpose, unscented and supremely high quality hair and skin products. This is a gift kit that's ideal for the traveller or just someone who loves to try new things. For $48.99, you can pick the Protect or Hair Repair kit in a handy pouch. 

Image of a World Hair and Skin gift kit on well&belle

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The Quad Squad

Athr Beauty may be known for their amazingly beautiful palettes, but their quads offer the most popular eyeshadow shades in a handy little travel-friendly and gift-friendly package. You'll be giving the coolest gift ever when you choose from the Rose Quartz (shown above) for pink shades or Citrine for warm/bronze shades. At only $25.99, this 4-in-1 gift will delight any beauty fan. 

Image of Athr Beauty Rose Quartz quad on well&belle

Green button with text: Shop Athr Quads

Give the "You smell amazing" effect

Here's THE gift for anyone who loves perfume but is sensitive to scents (or works with people who are "scent-sitive"). Inkling Scents have 100% mastered the 100% natural perfume that smells like the highest-end department store perfumes you know and love. Pick the natural roll-on in a variety of scents (for men too!), or Earth Notes with some of the ingredients suspended in the bottle (so pretty!). Starting at $19.99.

Inkling scents mini roll-on perfumes arranged in a flower. Available at well&belle

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Face it: we've got tools for great skin

Don't tool around, we're here to tell you that facial massage tools make the most amazing gifts! Pick between a gua sha (sounds like gwah-shah) or a stone facial roller, these are kinda like giving botox in a bag or box. But not really. 

Jade Gua Sha

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese tool that works through light pulling and lifting massage to tone and relax facial muscles. This lovely jade tool comes in a carrying pouch and is $27.99

Stone Facial Roller

Similar to gua sha, but with 2 sizes of rollers that you use to massage your skin, stone facial rollers are cooling and oh-so-soothing. Pick from jade, rose quartz or black obsidian in a beautiful box for storing the roller for $38.99.

Image of two stone facial rollers (in green and black)and a jade gua sha with a heart-shaped drop of oilon well&belle 

Green button with text: Shop Facial Tools

Shine bright like a diamond

Shine as brightly as the desert sky with this dry oil for highlighting and bringing beautiful shine to the skin. Desert Sky Highlight Face Oil is made with actual diamonds and can be used on its own or under makeup. It's made with lux oils that are good for skin and crushed diamonds that bring the shine. A little goes a long way, so $47.99 is brilliant value. 

Image of Athr Beauty's Desert Skin Highlighting oil sitting on clouds with orangey background.

Green button with text: Shop Desert Sky Oil

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