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100% Natural Soaps

Our skin can absorb up to 94% of what we put on it! With so many synthetic chemicals added to products out there, our bodies and environment are becoming overloaded. Tofino Soap Company is devoted to nurturing our connection to nature & sustainable health. 

Tofino Soap Co. cares about the health of the environment and your health! They use local, wild foraged, organic & fair trade ingredients wherever possible, and continue to source more. 

When soap is made in its traditional manner, it keeps all the good stuff in. In commercially made soap, you will usually find detergents, fillers, chemicals, petroleum and other known irritants. This makes it less expensive, as the good byproducts of soap making are separated and used to produce other cosmetics. 

100% natural ingredients, 100% vegan ingredients (except the Balms, which contain beeswax), plant based, food grade cold pressed oils, pure therapeutic essential oils,  GMO-free soy wax, coconut wax, recyclable and reusable packaging (always glass; never plastic), organic, wild crafted & fair trade ingredients. LOVE.

Products contain no synthetic ingredients, animal parts, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, phthalates, chemicals, artificial anything, preservatives, fillers, mineral oils, or petroleum.