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Lise’s Picks

Hi, my name is Lise and I’m the founder and owner of well&belle natural beauty.
One of the most frequent questions people ask me is “what are the best green beauty products you carry at well&belle?"

Wow, that’s a tough one…

It’s a bit like picking your favorite child (not that that’s a problem for me—I only have one). Since I personally test and curate all the products we sell at well&belle, I really do love them all.

People often tell me that I have great skin, and there are some products that I use more than others (sorry, others!), so in this article, I describe my top 10 green beauty picks and how to use them.

If you’re looking for recommendations for your specific needs, drop us a line at and we’d be more than happy to respond to your questions.
So, here we go, my top 10 green beauty products: 

Living Libations' Best Skin Ever in Frankinsence from well&belle in Alberta Canada

10. Living Libations Best Skin Ever, Frankincense

What can I say other than this oil just might help you get, well, the best skin ever! If you’ve never tried oil cleansing, the idea may seem a bit strange to you, but hear me out.

Using an oil cleanser will leave your skin moisturized, soft, and yes, clean.

Here’s how to do it: 
  • Gently rub the oil into your skin using circular motions.
  • Then, wet a face cloth with nice warm water (verging on hot), and leave it over your face for a moment. This will help to pull out dirt and oil from your skin.
  • Ah… enjoy your one-minute spa experience…
    Use your face cloth to wipe off the oil. Notice how nice your skin feels.
  • If your skin is on the drier side, you’re good to go, or you may want to add a moisturizer if you live in an especially dry climate.
  • If you’re prone to oilier skin or breakouts, you may want to cleanse a second time with a cream or gel cleanser to really make sure that no oils are left behind.
    • Personally, I prefer oil cleansing at night when I’m not too rushed, so that I get to appreciate the warm face cloth that much more. So relaxing!

      I go between using Best Skin Ever Frankincense and Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn, and sometimes I even mix them. Both are beyond amazing. (Does that make this top 10 a top 11? Pretend you didn’t notice!)  

      Inkling Scents perfume at well&belle

      9. Inkling Scents Perfume, Pulse

      Have you ever been close to someone wearing perfume and gotten a headache from it? I sure have! (If you’ve ever wondered why those perfumes give you headaches, check out this article for some additional info.)

      With Inkling Scents, there is a lot less risk of a headache, because these little beauties are made with essential oils and naturally derived perfume oils. And they smell amazing! 

      With natural perfumes, you may want to re-apply after several hours, but that’s not a problem with the mini roll-ons.

      I love Pulse because it’s a perfect mix of sweet and floral, which I love. Of course, perfume is such a personal thing, but Inkling Scents has so many varieties that you’re bound to find one you love. If there’s one in particular you’d like to try out, let us know and we can send a little sample with your next order.

      8. Spela 9-Free Nail Polish in GOAT grey

      There is a reason that this nail polish shade is called Greatest of All Time! To me, this is the perfect shade of grey nail polish; not too dark, not too light and perfect with any outfit.

      The bonus is that Spela’s nail polish is 9-Free, which means that it’s free of the nine most toxic ingredients found in conventional nail polish.

      Apparently I have oily nails (who knew that was a thing?!) so nail polish doesn’t tend to last on my nails, but with Spela’s nail polish, it lasts about a week.
      I don’t always paint my nails, but when I do,  I usually apply polish on Sunday nights while chilling with my family, so then I’m good to go until the following weekend.
      HollyBeth Organic's Hair and Body Silk at well&belle

      7. HollyBeth Organic’s Hair and Body Silk

      Here’s the thing with this product: if your hair tends to be oily or thin, don’t use this oil!

      My hair is thick, coarse and naturally curly. I straighten it almost every day, so it is DRY and can get frizzy.  
      Here’s how I use HollyBeth’s Hair and Body Silk: I mix it with a bit of styling cream (I personally love Neuma styling creams), and concentrate on my ends, but also put a bit on the top layer of my hair to keep the flyaways at bay.

      Plus, I absolutely love the scent. But fair warning: it is a bit on the musky side.
      I also love to use this heavenly oil on my dry skin in the winter. ‘Cause you know, those scaly winter legs aren’t too pretty! 

      Lily Lolo Big Lash mascara at well&belle

      6. Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara

      If you’ve ever tried finding natural mascara that works and stays on all day, you know what a challenge that can be. I love Lily Lolo’s Big Lash mascara because it gives my lashes the perfect amount of length and volume, and it lasts all day.

      Plus, it has a cool hourglass brush that lets you cover all the parts of your lashes.
      I also love the Pure Anada mascara and it has many, many fans, but for me, Big Lash wins out when it comes to my daily routine.

      5. Lily Lolo Lip Gloss in Whisper

      Lily Lolo lip gloss is so popular with our customers, we sometimes have a hard time keeping it in stock.


      Although I love them all, my current favorite is Whisper. It’s a light, sheer pink and is perfect to wear any time.

      I’m a huge fan of this lip gloss because it’s not sticky, the shades are gorgeous, and it has a slight chocolatey taste. What more can you ask for in a lip gloss?

      Suki Skincare Clarifying Toner from well&belle

      4. Suki Skincare Toners (Clarifying Toner and Strengthening Toner)

      Truth be told, I’ve been using these toners  for years, and wanting to have them on hand all the time is one of the reasons I wanted to start my own green beauty company.

      This may seem a bit strange, but I actually use both of them. I have combination skin, so I spray the Clarifying toner first where I tend to break out (chin and forehead), then I use the Strengthening toner everywhere.

      I also like to use the Strengthening Toner to set my powder makeup to keep it looking dewy and not powdery.
      I use both toners morning and night, even if I’m oil cleansing.

       Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel from well&belle3. Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel

      This soothing gel is the holy grail of skincare products and I use it every single day. I don’t travel without it either. (It also comes in a handy travel size.)

      Because my skin is on the sensitive side and tends to get red pretty easily, I love the soothing properties of this gel. I also love how gentle it is. It’s also an amazing moisturizer if your skin tends to get oily.

      My husband uses this gel on his eczema, a friend uses it on his sensitive skin, and another friend uses it as a moisturizer. Also works great on breakouts, sunburns, and rashes.
      It’s a seriously great product and I’ve never encountered anything similar!

       Three Aether Beauty eye shadow palettes from well&belle. Crystal Grid palette, Rose Quartz palette, Summer Solstice palette, from well&belle 2. Āether Beauty eyeshadow palettes

      Here, we have a three-way tie for second place. Because I love each of the Āether Beauty palettes equally and use at least one of them pretty much every day. These stunning palettes are also great for travel, because they allow you to minimize the number of products in your luggage, while maximizing the number of looks you can create. Each one includes darker shades that I love to use as an eyeliner (with a bit of water and a liner brush) that lasts all day.  

      Here’s a description of these three perfect palettes: 
      First, there was the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone palette. It’s the one that started it all. Perfect neutral shades, with a mix of shimmer and matte.
      Plus, if you really want to minimize the number of products in your makeup bag when you travel, the pinks can be used as blush and the white as highlighter.

      Then came the Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette. This palette has stunning jewel-tone shimmery and metallic shades.

      Finally, the most recent Summer Solstice Palette shines as bright as the sun itself on the solstice. It has lovely warm shades with a lot of golden undertones that can be worn at any time of the year.

      Holi(C) skin vitamins from well&belle floating in the sky 1. Holi(c) Skin Refining Vitamins

      Here you have it beauties, we finally get to my #1 favorite green beauty product.

      If you’re not familiar with Agent Nateur skincare, it’s an exquisite, luxury line made of the finest ingredients sourced around the world, but primarily in France.

      To be honest, I wasn’t that inclined to even try Holi(c), but I decided to give it a try when I got a sample. From that time on, I was hooked!
      This is a unique skincare product, in that it’s a little bottle of actual powder vitamins that you mix with water, toner, or oil/moisturizer to apply to your skin. It has a multitude of skin-refining properties, and I have been loving the results! I use it every morning, mixed with Soothing Gel and Holi(oil).

      Honorable mention:

      Even though they didn’t make it to my Top-10 list, here are a couple of amazing products that deserve some recognition:

      Most versatile beauty product: MOA’s Green BalmMOA (Magic Organic Apothecary)'s Green Balm in 2 sizes from well&belle in Canada

      I always travel with a jar of this magical balm, because it’s so versatile. You can use it for bug bites, dry skin, as a cleanser, to neutralize your armpits before putting on your deodorant, and the list goes on and on…





      Favorite Red Lipsticks: Voltage by Tin Feather and Jet Set by Spela CosmeticsWoman applying gorgeous red natural lipstick from well&belle in Alberta, Canada

      If you follow us on social media at all, you will know that I seriously love a good red lipstick. These are the two that suit my paler skin tone/auburn hair the best.  




      UPDATE: New product I needed to add to this list!

      Moon Boost lash and brow enhancing serum from well&belle natural beauty. Available in Canada at

      Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

      This lash and brow serum has me blown away! I've been using for a few weeks now and have seen a major difference in the length of my lashes and my brows are really filling out too! It's a fantastic product and definitely deserves a place in this list of green beauty faves! 

      Questions about our Top 10 or any other of our green and clean beauty products? Contact us at info{at} 


      Lise , thanks for all the good advice. I just love all that this online store has to offer. I am looking forward to my new natural beauty regimen.

      Tinesha Govender November 14, 2019

      Wow, this is such great information! Thanks for describing all of the amazing products you use. I already have some of them, but you’ve definitely given me some ideas for new things to try.

      Kate M. September 01, 2019

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