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Spotlight On... Canadian Brands

Spotlight On... Canadian Brands

Woman wrapped in Canadian flag looking at Rocky Mountains

As we celebrate Canada Day this week, we thought it would be appropriate to feature the outstanding Canadian brands that we carry at well&belle. Many are fan favourites that you might not have even known were the creations of enterprising Canadians!
While we Canadians might not be known for bragging a whole lot, it turns out that we have quite a few green beauty brands that are brag-worthy (and often very affordable!). Keep reading to find out more. 
1) Pure Anada
Pure Anada is a makeup brand with a cult following. We know that many of you are huge fans of their mascara and their foaming hand soaps, but their cheek and eye colours and their hand creams are also customer favourites. Not to mention their Liquid Liner and Lip & Cheek Rouge! 
Driven by a can-do spirit and a drive to live a healthier lifestyle as a young mom, founder Candace Grenier created Pure Anada from her home. Pure Anada products are affordable and made from fresh, wholesome ingredients and made in Morden, Manitoba. 

Flat lay of Pure Anada Pressed Eye Shadows

2) Luna Nectar
Luna Nectar's all-star product is their Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum. Some of you have written to us to let us know just how enamoured you are with this product. For example: Linda said "I used to have sparse brows, and thanks to this serum, they're getting so full again, almost like when I was a kid!!" 
The Luna Nectar team created this all-natural lash and brow enhancing formula after seeing family members and friends use chemical serums and eyelash extensions that had harmful side effects. They decided that they could do much better, and did they ever deliver! "This is the stuff of my dreams!!" according to our customer Mary. Thanks Mary, we agree wholeheartedly!

Luna Nectar Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum on star background

3) Kaia Naturals
If you've ever looked for a natural deodorant, you're probably familiar with kaia naturals. (But did you know they're Canadian?!) Known for their line of effective natural deodorants using charcoal as a base to absorb all that stinkiness, kaia are also know for their Underarm Bar, as well as their completely biodegradable vitamin wipes. And we can't forget their Overnight Dry Shampoo, that works to deliver fresh-smelling hair while you sleep.
Thanks to founder Mary Futher's over two decades of experience in the beauty industry, every single kaia naturals product has received awards. As a Canadian company, kaia naturals products are formulated in Canada following standards from Health Canada and the EU for cosmetic formulation.

Kaia Naturals product line on white background surrounded by palm leaves

4) Living Libations
If you know anything about Living Libations, you probably know that they're known for their multi-purpose oils that serve as cleansers or as moisturizers. These oils are called Best Skin Ever for a reason!
You may also know that their products are some of the purest on the market. We especially love their eye serum, and Dew Dab/Zippity Dew Dab are beloved by many with skin issues such as acne, scars, redness, etc. 
Living Libations' founder Nadine Artemis (other than having a thing for poetry and alliteration), is the author of Renegade Beauty, a must-read book for anyone who is curious to know more about simplifying their beauty routine and allowing the elements and the life force of nature to revive the body, skin, and soul so that natural radiance can shine through.

3 Living Libations' Best Skin Ever on leaf background

5) Lavigne Naturals
Vancouver-based Lavigne Naturals provides us with the ultimate beauty tool: facial massage rollers. Not only are facial rollers an ideal gift for any beauty lover, they can help promote blood circulation for glowing, healthier looking skin, release tension in the facial muscles, cool the skin to reduce puffiness and under-eye bags, improve skin elasticity, and improve lymphatic drainage. Now who wouldn't want those benefits?!
Lavigne Naturals rollers are available in Rose Quartz, Green Jade, or Black Obsidian. Try them with your favourite Best Skin Ever to maximize the effects. 

3 Facial Rollers on white background: Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian and Green Jade

6) Niu Body
Niu Body is a new addition to our lineup, and if you haven't discovered them yet, you are in for a treat! Niu Body's a very simple, gentle skincare line that is also very affordable. This line is a great introduction to clean skincare, and a fabulous gift for any woman who is curious about using more natural skincare products. Their packaging is young and fresh, just like the brand itself!
Niu Body's founders Connie Lo and Laura Burget are so knowledgeable about ingredients and love to keep their products as simple and as effective as possible, so that they can keep their costs low at the same time. Their Purify Gel Cleanser is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. 

Niu Body products blurred background

7) Tin Feather Cosmetics
Tin Feather Cosmetics is a small, burgeoning brand that was founded by makeup artist Kristen von Riesen, who uses clean cosmetics in her artistry. She also happens to be the top makeup artist and a frequent model for Pure Anada Cosmetics.
The highlights of this brand include their lip oil tint, which can best be described as a lighter and more moisturizing version of a lip gloss that pairs well with lipstick to make it more moisturizing or to give it a bit of shine. And speaking of lipstick, Tin Feather has one of the most perfect shades of red lipstick that suits so many different skin tones. 

Flat Lay of Tin Feather Lip Oil Tints, with plant and dark grey tray.

Now that you know more about these great Canadian brands, which ones are you dying to try? 
Are there any Canadian brands you think we should be carrying? 

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