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Soft Focus Foundation

$39.00 $47.00

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A foundation for compliments on your skin, not your makeup!

This Vapour Beauty foundation is the ultimate for creating a radiant glow. Adjustable for light-to-medium coverage, it soothes and calms like skincare with ingredients like Frankincence, Myrrh and Lotus. 

The texture is so smooth and creamy and absorbs well, leaving you with a natural-looking dewy finish. 

Great for all skin types. 

How to use

1. Give your Soft Focus Foundation a good shake. 

2. Start with a Vapour Primer (you won't regret it!).

3. Dispense a pump or two into your hand and apply to your skin with your fingertips. One pump is enough for light coverage, two pumps for medium coverage. 

Spread with your fingers, or buff with a Vapour Foundation Brush from the centre of the face, moving outward. (The brush is amazing; buffing your foundation feels wonderful!)

4. To make your foundation last all day or if you have any oiliness, set your foundation with a small amount of finishing powder using a powder brush. For even more lasting power, apply the powder between your primer and foundation, and then again after your foundation. 

w&b tips:

For very light coverage or a BB Cream effect, mix a pump or two of your foundation with a Vapour primer and apply them together.

If you have drier skin, or to avoid dry spots, spritz with toner or water after applying finishing powder. 

Soft Focus Foundation. Natural. Healthy. Clean. Cruelty-free. Vapour is committed to supporting organic, plant based, non-toxic options.

Soft Focus Foundation is formulated WITHOUT silicone, dimethicone, polyacrylamide, ethanolamine, FD&C pigments, parabens, nanoparticles, fillers, irradiated pigments and 1400+ banned ingredients.

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