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Reusable Bamboo Capsule Palette



A totally personalized palette? Yes, please! Oh, and make it sustainable and usable for many years to come! 

Elate's Capsule Palette lets you choose your shades, so no product goes unused—or to a landfill. This reusable palette is the epitome of capsule beauty. Your Capsule Palette will fit up to 4 of Elate's blush balm, up to 16 EyeColours, or any other magnetic product you want to put in it! 

It's big enough to carry all your makeup, and small enough to throw into your travel bag. 

Elate palettes are made of sustainable water-treated bamboo and will fit any magnetic pan. The Capsule Palette features a mirror on the inside.

How to use: 

Pick any makeup you like in a magnetic pan, and place it in your palette. You're all set!