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Overnight Dry Shampoo


Too busy to wash your hair or want that salon style to last just a little longer? This kaia naturals dry shampoo is the very best dry shampoo we have ever tried! (And believe us, we've tried many!)

the takesumi detox® overnight dry shampoo combines time-activated deodorizers with the luxurious scent of Japanese Camellia. Powered by detoxifying activated charcoal and a blend of ultra-micronized powders, this dry shampoo works to absorb odour and oil while instantly refreshing hair and adding volume to all hair types.


The full-size overnight dry shampoo uses new Wing-Lift Technology that works to propel powders without hair and scalp damaging propellants (butane and propane) goes on dry – no wet or white cast. Kaia naturals' dry shampoo offers you pure powder. This dry shampoo lasts up to 3x longer than aerosol spray as there are NO PROPELLANTS in the formula.


For optimal results and maximum odour and oil absorption, leave powders near your roots for at least 4 hours. By using the overnight dry shampoo before bed, it allows enough time for the product to absorb odour and oil so you wake up with fresh hair (and a beautiful smelling pillow).


Use anytime day or night to instantly give your hair clean, texture. With our unique Japanese Camellia scent the formula embraces your hair with soft elegance for a fresh washed feeling and scent.

Available in 2 tints*: blonde and brunette, as well as full (25g/0.8oz) and travel (5g/0.03oz) sizes. 
*lightly tinted only for easy blending

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