Dr. Alkaitis

Organic Herbal Shampoo


For lustrous silky soft hair, treat your hair, scalp and hair roots with this Organic Herbal Shampoo. A natural chemical-free and deeply hydrating shampoo that cleanses gently. Nourishes and balances scalp and hair roots to encourage your hair to grow strong and healthy.  


  • Strengthening hair roots and scalp
  • Promoting shine
  • Tangle free hair without conditioner

Formulated with Dr. Alkaitis's Hair & Scalp Herbal Complex. This shampoo balances your scalp and hair roots and is beneficial to all hair types. Gentle enough to use daily.

  • 8 fl oz | 240 ml: month supply
  • 2 fl oz | 60 ml: two-week supply

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