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Everybody Loves the Sunshine



Living Libations' Everybody Loves the Sunshine is the deep drink your skin is thirsting for.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine combines four moisturizing oils with fourteen super sun- and skin-loving essential oils. Essential oils are the distillates of plants that contain the vital essences of their parent plant matter. High concentrations of sun-friendly flavonoids and carotenoids lend rich colours to some of these robust essences. Gentle enough to use on children. 


Apply before heading outside and again after a day of play to glean every benefit from these pearls of plant wisdom. Please note that healthy time in the sun ranges for everyone depending on their skin type, base tan level, and geographical location. Everybody Loves the Sunshine body oil harmonizes to skin to the sun’s rays for a golden tan yet it is not a sunscreen. For sun protection, use Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc. 

This melody of tropical coconut, sweet flowers, warm spices will remind you of summer days anytime you use it!