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Lash Lift Curler



The best lash curler we've ever tried, and quite possibly the last one you'll ever need! 

Used by many professional makeup artists, this lash curler is designed to pick up every last lash, you'll experience base to tip, drop-dead drama with just one close of the curler. Plume's distinctive handle design and luxurious, rounded cushion deliver effortless, crimp-free curl for every eye shape. 

This eyelash curler comes in a beautiful satin carrying bag, and includes one refill curler cushion. 

How to use

  1. Carefully bring the curler close to the base of your lashes, making certain that it's below your delicate eyelid skin.
  2. Squeeze gently for a couple seconds, then release slightly, and squeeze again up to 10 times. 
  3. Slowly remove the curler and repeat on the other eye. 

w&b tip: to get longer lashes, try Plume or Luna Nectar lash and brow serum to get them to their full potential!