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Earth Notes Natural Perfume


Perfume derived from nature! Earth Notes is Inkling Scents' series of fragrances with dried, organic material suspended inside to boost the scent. And do they ever look lovely! 
Available in Mini 5ml (1/6 oz) or Full Size 10 ml (1/3 oz). 
Brief descriptions: 
Forest whispers - grounding, unique, soulful
Kissed by citrus - bright, joyous, warm
A Touch of Rose - feminine, romantic, sweet
Hint of Lavender - healing, smooth, peaceful
Tempted by Apple - fresh, fruity, uplifting
Detailed descriptions: 

Forest Whispers opens with the clean, green aroma of white fir and violet leaf. At its heart are jasmine petals and at its base are white woods, vanilla and musk. Suspended in the blend are fir needles, which Indigenous peoples widely use in padding pillows for peaceful sleep.

Kissed by Citrus opens with the tart, bright freshness of grapefruit, orange and lemon. Berry sweetens the mix, lily softens it and white musk grounds it. Hand dried, organic grapefruit, orange and lemon zest makes the citrus burst with life.    

A Touch of Rose is a classic beauty. The central note is rose oil, accompanied by gentle peony. The blend is sweetened by raspberry and blueberry and grounded with a hint of musk. Pure, organic rose petals further enhance the scent. This fragrance is feminine, romantic, sweet and absolutely unique.

Hint of Lavender has top notes of mint, orange peel, bergamot and lemon. Middle notes are chamomile, jasmine, and white amber while the base notes are lavender, green tea and magnolia. Beautifully suspended in the blend is an organic lavender stem which accentuates the scent. 

*NEW* Tempted by Apple sweeps over you with warmth and joy. The first notes open with apple, pear and black currant. Just behind the fragrant fruit, the mid notes of pink peony, chamomile and Lily-of-the-Valley. The base notes of white peach and white wood anchor the scent to last all day. Suspended in the oil are apple blossoms.