Dr. Alkaitis

Organic Herbal Toner


Our Organic Herbal Toner is a wonderful multi-purpose product that deeply hydrates and softens the skin. This wonderful serum promotes a glowing healthy complexion. Also excellent to use as an after-sun tonic.


  • Aims to refine your pores
  • Deeply hydrates
  • Protects your skin

Recommended for all skin conditions, you can use this toner daily in the morning and evening. Not that this is not a spray toner. 

  • Regular | 4 fl oz (120 ml): two-month supply 
  • Midsize | 2 fl oz (60 ml): month supply 
  • Trial & Travel | 1 fl oz (30 ml): Two-week supply
  • 100% active


Dr. Alkaitis Skin Care line is one of the few lines that utilizes Organic Grape Alcohol. Unlike the de-natured alcohol that is mostly used, Organic Grape Alcohol is highly beneficial for your skin and facilitates the nutrient rich composition to be optimally absorbed by your skin. Organic Grape Alcohol is so pure you can drink it, it will NOT dry out your skin or damage it in any way! 


  • It balances the natural pH of your skin 
  • It is an extremely gentle and safe anti-bacterial tonic
  • It strengthens your skin 


After cleansing your skin dispense a dime-size amount of the toner in the palm of your hand and gently apply over your face, using only your fingertips. If you have an oily skin complexion, you can use the Herbal Toner as a moisturizer to promote a satin-like, shine-free complexion. 

Because our Organic Herbal Toner is created with living ingredients, always put a lid on the bottle after use to preserve the purity of your natural, organic product.

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