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Anti-bacterial fabric face mask

$5.00 $12.00


If you're not a fan of maskne/mask acne (and who is, really?), here is an anti-bacterial mask that can help. 

You know Plume for their absolutely amazing lash and brow products, and here's an innovative mask you'll actually want to wear to show off those lashes and brows! 

An incredibly soft, antibacterial, ultra-comfortable, flattering mask to erase all your mask-related woes.

The waterproof outer layer prevents droplets from seeping through, and the copper-ion inner layer fights bacteria. 

This mask is adjustable, has super-soft ear straps designed to be comfortable behind the ears. Fits most adults and older teens.

The aesthetic design frames the eyes and hugs the face without ever pushing or pulling on the delicate skin around the eyes. Because we don’t need added wrinkles on top of everything else, amiright?! 

After testing the antibacterial rate is still higher than 70% after 50 washes 

Copper has a proven strong antibacterial effect , helps with "Maskne" Acne caused by wearing face masks

Outer Layer: 82% nylon+18% spandex, Water resistant design

Inner Layer:  85% Polyester, 15% Spandex, Copper Ion Fabric  (good antimicrobial/ antibacterial effect)

Care Instructions:

Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water, preferably in a delicate wash bag to keep condition.  Air Dry.