Suki Skincare

2 Step ultra-soft lips kit


Suki created this kit as the ultimate solution for chapped lips! Her exfoliate foaming cleanser is the fabulously effective (& yummy!) first step solution to make lips smooth & ready for the uniquely long-wear, 4-swipe™ formula lip care, designed to fix her own formerly super-chapped lips (she actually swipes 6x each). provides long-wear protection & while it may feel ‘firm’ vs. the norm (thinner, oilier balms), when used as directed, it’s actually silk on your lips & the perfect primer!

  • gently exfoliates delicate skin
  • smoothes & nourishes dry lips
  • soothes painful chapping & cracking

How to use: 

Begin by exfoliating lips.apply with 4 swipe™ formula lip care, apply at least 4 swipes – each lip. Use as a perfect lip primer before colour.


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